Monday, May 9, 2011

The Ship

I was in a ship that was finish to the goal
I as a deck officer who helps the captain
The captain who has the right to run this ship towards that goal
The captain who led on this journey towards that goal
I just helped make the route
I just helped to check equipment
I just helped the availability of everything in this ship

Often these ship are on slopes
Often these ship was hit by a big wave
Often these ship affected by hurricane wind storm at sea
But I helped the captain to remain towards the goal
Although sometimes I only own a return to an upright position of this ship again
Although I'm patient and willing to repair this ship alone
All I do because I want this ship finish to destination safely
Because a lot of happiness which awaited by many people in the goal
A lot of people that is behind to hope until the goal

Source Gambar

And this time the ship back tilt, the ship are on slopes

I say "Kapal miring kapten!!!"
But I do not know, Can I return to an upright position of this ship again?
It's been too many times I restore this ship to an upright position again
This time I ask that the captain of this boat helped to an upright position again, to arrive at the destination with happiness

Will this ship incident turned purpose will be repeated? Yes, like three years ago when the captain turned the shipMaybe this time there are several avenues that can be the captain made the goal But I hope that goal is still the same as what has been spoken 
"Kita jalani bersama perahu ini untuk mencapai tujuan hidup bahagia kita"

-Na yg butuh sang kapten-
@ office 9 May 2011, 09:27

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